Resume Tips

  • What does a Winning Resume Look Like?

    2021 has been a wild ride!

    The job market has seen many shifts, and millions across the country experienced shifts in employment status that rocked families and communities. With new jobs constantly being added to the market, one year into the Pandemic, jobseekers around the nation and beyond, are looking to head back into the office, and for some, a permanent change in remote status, and for others, a fresh start. A Career pivot. Whatever category you may fall in, keep reading for tips on how to remain relevant in the job market by having a resume worth reading!


    Typically, a winning resume is simple formatting, and includes the following sections:

    • Professional Experience
    • Core Competencies
    • Technical Skills
    • Certifications
    • Education

    Let's dive into these sections and see what you need to succeed!


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