Maximize LinkedIn for Job Search During Layoffs

Maximize LinkedIn for Job Search During Layoffs

According to Crunchbase, Layoffs ravaged through the tech industry as April & May 2022 saw massive layoffs with monthly industry layoffs ranging from 20,000-30,000. Employees from companies like Netflix, Klarna, Carvana and Paypal were suddenly informed that they no longer have a position.


Here are some things you can do to maximize LinkedIn for #jobsearch:

      • Run a Boolean search: Use the @LinkedIn search bar to run a job search ➡️“Hiring” AND “ Job Title you Want”➡️Sort by Post, People, Jobs, & other filters. This helps you narrow your search to exact titles and find recruiters to connect with
      • Join a Group: @LinkedIn has many groups that can be leveraged by jobseekers to find recent opportunities and events. Great Groups to join➡️ Connect: Women’s Professional Network, The Black Cybersecurity Association, Career Fireside with Resume Badge and Premium Career Group provide great resources & opportunities
      • Follow Companies: Following companies you apply to may help increase your visibility on @LinkedIn. Some recruiters even only connect with candidates following their company as it can reflect interest in the organization. This also improves your algorithm visibility when applying for jobs 
      • Turn on Open to Work: The Open to Work feature on @LinkedIn signals recruiters and hiring managers that you are actively searching for a new position. If you do not want your current employer to find out, you may limit the visibility to recruiters in your current company so they cannot view your job search status. 
      • Use Keywords: Using Keywords on @LinkedIn maximizes your visibility on the platform. You can utilize industry related keywords that are reflective of your skills and experience in various sections such as ➡️Headline, About, Experience, Skills 


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