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Invest in YOU with a World-Class Career Strategy with Resume Badge

  • Resume

    Develop an effective and ATS compatible resume with industry relevant keywords and tailored to align your career interests with your skills and experience

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  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn with 850,000+ members is the largest professional networking platform! Learn how to optimize your profile and stand out amongst the crowd with proven strategies to increase profile engagement and attract recruiters

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  • Interview Coaching

    Use a combination of images and text to share your brand values.

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  • Job Search Strategy

    Gain clarity with your career with real-time job matches and effective strategies to find jobs, connect with recruiters and secure interviews

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What our Clients Are Saying...

  • Rosana G.

    Jessica's expertise and advice helped me improve and optimize my LinkedIn profile. In minutes she was able to accurately indicate my shortcomings and provide concise feedback for improvement which was not only useful, but also impressive

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  • Sam S.

    Jessica hosted a phenomenal webinar on leveraging your Linkedin to maximize your views, opportunities, and strategies for networking. She was articulate and direct. The slides were very cohesive and easy to follow along as I took lots of notes. I left with tons of value that I can now leverage for opening up new doors that I didn't know were possible. I would definitely recommend anyone needing a crash course on LinkedIn and networking 101 shes your girl!

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  • Tamara B.

    Jessica helped me revamp my resume with 1:1 assistance and insightful language. She incorporated key words that allowed me to be recognized for my skills and achievements. As a result I've been able to get my foot in the door in the tech world, and landed a job in Tech Sales. Prior to working with Jessica, I was receiving rejection after rejection and with her help I noticed a huge change, and open opportunities. I recommend Jessica and Resume Badge 1000% and love the work she's doing behind the scenes!

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  • Abdulazeez S.

    I attended a workshop organized by Jessica on Mastering LinkedIn for Personal Branding and Job Search, and I must say she's an outstanding Educator. The information and strategies shared on optimizing LinkedIn profile, running searches etc. were well-detailed and practical. If anyone needs career advice, Jessica is the right person to ask and I'd 100% recommend the services of Resume Badge.

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